Final Piece – Audio Arts


First of all, I am happy and pretty satisfied with the end result of the Audio Arts and hope everyone who listens to it would enjoy it.

The recording stage had to be done until the last edit. David suggested that I could just record my voice with my phone because I am aiming for a low quality sound to be able to deliver the story perfectly. I did it 5 times and chose the best from it. After that, I put all the sound effects and mix it all together. But, the sound was too good and clear especially the sound effects because the story happened in a basement and the explosions and everything were just too clear and perfect. So, in the studio, David told me to record it to a cassette and back to the computer and back to the cassette and back to the computer over and over again until I reached the worst level that I wanted. I did this 16 times (yes I counted it) because I had to repeat it again and again. The first badge when I did it, the sound ended up disappearing and I could not hear anything. So I did it over and over again until I got it right.

The only limitation with this method is just it is very time consuming. But, the core problem is not the time consuming part. It is when the level is too low, I have to redo it again from the very start to get the right level.

Overall, I think this is a very fun assignment to work with. It has pushed my creativity beyond what I know I am capable of. Also, since I am doing this by myself, I has taught me to think critically about my own work and be able to identify the flaws behind it. It has satisfied me with the success of the final audio arts piece and I hope that everyone who listens to it would enjoy it as much as i do!


Brainstorming – Ideas – Audio Arts

I have went through a lot of brainstorming process so far. I was too excited to work with this assignment and ended up with a lot of ideas to work with. However, after did some browsing and some in depth thinking, I finally came up with the concept of WAR.

First of all, War of the Worlds movie is one of the best movie that I have ever seen. It has a very depressing atmosphere while watching but at the same time, I always feel a bit of excitement from all the fears in the movie. The most scary scene that has never left my mind ever since I saw the movie is the part when Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are in a basement with a stranger and Tom Cruise tried to fight this man because of his attitude. Then, the aliens broke in to the basement and search around the basement if there’s anyone in there. So, Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, the man and the aliens are playing cats and dogs in the basement. In the end, the alien did not find them in there.

Secondly, the case of Joseph Kony, last year was very famous. There were a lot of stories about his brutality, his acts and also stories about survivors from Kony’s act. I found this LINK about the story of several survivors from Kony’s act. It touched my heart and I could never imagine myself if I were them.

So, at the end, I took the concept of the basement from War of the Worlds movie and survivor from Joseph Kony’s story. The story of the Audio Arts is about a woman trapped in a basement and she heard a lot of explosions and gun firing from the outside. It’s dark in the basement, but she managed to find a voice recorder in there. She knew that she would die eventually. So, she managed to try her best to use the voice recorder and record things that she could at that time with the hope of someone would find the recorder in the future and spread the word about the war that’s happening.

Starting with Audio Arts

Audio Arts.. The replacement for Buzz Cuts… This should be interesting…

I did not really get it when Bruce explained to the whole class what Audio Arts is. But, when he mentioned ‘Radio Play’ is one of the form of Audio Arts, then I got it. 2 years ago, I did a Radio Play (comedy type) as a final assessment when I was still in foundation studies. It was one of the best final assessment that I did.

What I really love about Audio Arts is that I can go beyond my imagination. There is no limit to anything that I want to create and I can literally do anything that I want. The best thing that Audio Arts offer is that I can play around with sound effects. Also, I have a lot of sound effects that I can play with and I am really looking forward to it.

Audio arts is a form of entertainment that is played on the radio or CDs and the whole concept of the story in Audio Arts relies completely on the sound effects and editing. The tone of voice has to be right, the music has to be suitable and the sound effects has to support all of it. The most famous audio arts is for example Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds that created a chaotic moment in the United States.

What I am aiming for this project is to be able to create a piece of Audio Arts as professional as it can be and be as convincing as Orson’s piece. So, I know that I will be playing with a lot of sound effects and a stages of editing.

‘Photo booth/ Wall’ Event Outcome – 11 September 2013

The Photo Wall event that we conducted on 11 September 2013 was a complete success. The red curtain that we hang on a walking hanger attracted so many people. While we were walking with it, so many people asked us questions what are we doing, what is it going to be about, etc.

Photo Wall

One problem that we encountered that days was the height of our ‘wall’. It is actually 180cm, but some people apparently are taller than the Wall so that we could not get him into frame. And some of the pictures are not in a well framed position as well because some of the pictures that I took, I just did not realize at all it was not in a perfect frame.

The event happened during Chill And Grill in front of building 8. For the first 30 minutes, it was hard to get people to participate to our event. So, we decided to split up and walk around and asked people to participate just on the spot. The result was pretty good from there and then when we were back to the Wall, we were slammed by so many people. It was great and fun.

As a team, during the day, I think all of us have done a really great job. We got each other back, took care of each other and helped out whenever we need anyone. The participation from the public was massive and amazing as well.

I should also say that the social media has played a big role in the execution of the event. Inviting people through Facebook event page has aroused so many awareness and also Instagram – ing live during the event has helped us to get more people to actually come to the booth and participate.

RWAV Live Show – 9 September 2013

I had a lot of fun on today’s RWAV show. I was the panel controller again. The whole group and I felt that we have improved a lot compared to our last first show. I felt much comfortable with the panel, Melissa was a great producer to that show, Tam and Sharon were great as presenter, and Gloria was excellent as an online producer. The whole team worked well together and able to give a great one hour show. Even Elizabeth said that the whole thing was great as well.

One thing that I found really different in this show was with the interviews. We had 3 live interviews this time and only one pre – recorded. I personally think that having more live interview instead of pre recorded package is much better. Live interview will of course sounds more natural and I believe that listener will want to hear more and be more interested in live interviews. However, the hardest part of being a presenter is to control the length and time while conducting the interview. Sometimes when you have a great topic with the interviewee and keep wanting to know more about it is the main problem because if you don’t realize it, the interview might go on for too long. Great presenter will be able to control themselves and the interviewee.

As a panel controller, the thing that you have to aware about is the volumes in song and pre recorded. Yes you’ve cue-ed it at the beginning, but in the middle of the song, it might has a louder instrument. The last you want as the panel controller is having a distorted sound. With the pre recorded package that we had today, I had to play around with the volume a little bit in the middle because there is some problem with the volume in the pre recorded.

The online producer will have the responsibility to live tweeting during the  show and make sure to update the information on the website.

As a producer, other than planning the whole show and keep in track for interviews and all that, on the day of the show, producer should be the ‘Time Checker’. The producer will be the only one who will have a full attention to the time if we are going over of below. The panel controller will be busy with pressing on/off button, the presenter will be busy with talking and the online producer will be busy with typing and live tweeting. The producer must remind the presenter if the live interview is too long or even to cut the live interview if somehow the interviewee can’t really keep up with it.

Overall, today was a really great experience and I was happy as well with my work as a panel op. Looking forward to the next/last show on the 21st of October!


Social Network Sites : Definition, History, and Scholarship – Reading 2

Another great reading ! I also must say that the content of this reading reminds me to a lot of things as well when Facebook was so in around 5 years ago in Indonesia.

Let’s get to reflecting the reading . . . . . . .

Boyd and Ellison (2008) mentioned that the uniqueness of social network is to enable users to articulate and make visible their social network and not just to meet strangers. The result of the connection between individuals might share some offline connection.The concept of using social network as getting together even closer while offline somehow has been taken in a wrong way these days. I feel that communication through online is more effective to some people. Social network sites have been able to connect people from all over the world into one platform and able to do anything with it. It keeps people’s connection well between each other. For example, Skype has been very useful for me to keep in touch with my friends and family in Indonesia while I am here in Melbourne. Facebook has been very useful to everyone to do group meeting arrangement, exchange files, event planning, event gathering, and many more. Even know, since social network sites has gone viral, there’s such thing as online dating. Guys meet girls or vice versa and might have a relationship from it. When we make new friends through online conversation, there is a possibility for both users not to meet physically with each other ever.

Let’s go back to the era of Friendster. Friendster used to be so hip years ago and it has became the tool to connect people, know people and exposing yourself to the world. However, I think Friendster also became the tool for stalking. Maybe not just Friendster, but other social network sites as well. However, the unique thing about Friendster is, it will show you who has been clicking and viewing your profile. A bit creepy, don’t you think? The testimonial slot that Friendster has also became the tool for your friends to show everyone how cool you are, but at the same time, it can be the tool to mock people as well and that is why there were so many fake Friendster account (Fakesters).

If you look closely, Friendster and Facebook has pretty much the same function compared to Twitter, Instagram, Path, etc. I personally think that Facebook adapted some concept from Friendster but expanded way more than Friendster. Also, when it comes to your Facebook profile, you will be indirectly challenged to create your profile as attractive as you can. It is a good thing I must say because it gives more creativity to the users. And the more active you are on Facebook, the more friends and attention that you will get.

As we all know, information travels fast through social network sites. Once a bad issue spread through social media, it might turn into a chaos.

Boyd and Ellison (2008) also quoted that Facebook is used to maintain existing offline relationship. I could not agree more with this. It is one of the strength that Facebook has. It enables people to communicate with friends that you haven’t talk to for ages and happen to found their profile through Facebook.

In terms of privacy, I believe that some users can’t just see the dangerous of exposing private information to SNS. When Facebook was the trend in Indonesia around 5 years ago, most users posted their full address, phone numbers, and any other private information to their Facebook account. The result from this was not good at all. There was a case when a university girl posted her full address on Facebook and suddenly she received blackmails from an unknown person. Also, there was a couple who checked in to a restaurant on Facebook and when they were out, their house was robbed. People get stalked from Facebook. And that is why, it is good not to post too much private and essentials stuffs to the social network because everyone can see it.

Users of the World, Unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media – Reading 1

This reading by Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein absolutely took my attention completely for 1 hour. I have to say, this is one of my favorite reading and i found it really useful to myself. So many great points that has been pointed out and yes of course sir, I am going to share it with you.

PS : before I start, I am going to quote some good bits that I think is interesting

” Social media represent a revolutionary new trend that should be of interest of companies operating in online space”

Literally, everyone (who has internet, computer or phone) is using social media. Who does not? Social media is part of people’s life. Clearly, social media is tied with Internet. Social media and internet can’t be separated whatsoever (everybody knows that). Imagine a day without Internet. I can’t. I’ll die. 


Before going deeper to social media stuffs, let’s talk about Internet first. I think I have mentioned in the previous entry that around 10 years ago, internet was not a problem. The dial up connection was so slow, internet was so expensive and hard to access. However, now, I believe I can say that Internet is the future.  Internet makes life easier. You can find anything that you want through Internet, for example for University students, it is not difficult anymore to find sources. We don’t have to search through the books and bring it all around anymore. We are just one click away to the things we need.

The first thing that everyone will do to find out about something, is to a search engine called Google… or something else like Yahoo search, bing, etc. You will find a lot of good stuffs, but also…. bad stuffs in there. Maybe companies, brands, products want to be aware of this. If someone type in something to Google, they might find bad comments or bad experience that a consumer got from consuming that particular product. And we all know that bad things spread faster than the good one. Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) mentioned :

“Historically, companies were able to control the information available about them through strategically placed press announcements and good public relation managers. Today, however, firms have been increasingly relegated to the sidelines as mere observers, having neither the knowledge nor the chance — or, sometimes, even the right to alter publicly posted comments provided by their customers.”

It is getting harder and harder for a company or product or brand to keep their good name once a mistake had been done. Once a customer is not happy with something, there’s a big chance for them to update their Facebook and Twitter status about it, blog about it, and ‘attack’ the Facebook page of the company or brand or product with complains. Somehow, complaining to their Facebook account somehow is the best way to get their attention.

Moving on to ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media’.

“Collaborative projects enable the joint and simultaneous creation of content by many end users and are, in this sense, probably the most democratic manifestation of User Generated Content (UGC)”

User Generated Content : various forms of media content that are publicly available and created by end-users. UGC needs to fulfill 3 basic requirements in order to be considered as such:

  1. Needs to be published either on a publicly accessible website or on a social networking site accessible to a selected group of people — exclude exchange in emails or IMs
  2. Needs to show a certain amount of creative effort — posting duplications of an existing newspaper article without any editing/ commenting activity to a personal blog
  3. Needs to have been created outside of professional routine and practices — all content that has been created with a commercial market context in mind.  (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010)

That is a little bit of information about the term User Generated Content. To simplify, UGC is pretty much entries that are going on the Internet.

“The main idea underlying collaborative projects is that the joint effort of many actors leads to a better outcome than any actor could achieve individually; this is similar to the efficient market hypothesis in behavioural finance”

An easy example for this is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has everything. If we are looking for just a quick definition of something, we can just quickly wikipedia it. Easy and convenient. However, we all know that Wikipedia is not written by experts. So, to lecturers, Wikipedia is not reliable. However, somehow, Wikipedia is believed to be true by most people (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010). Personally, I have the same opinion too. I know Wikipedia is not reliable at all, but I can still rely on it sometimes.

Relating the concept of collaborative projects to the public event assignment. The whole concept of the assignment is to gather as many people to contribute to our event and arouse them through social media. The event will not be happening at all without any contribution from the public. To get into details, we do have blog, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. We are posting every activity to the Social Media and let the public also contribute from there.

” Blogs are usually managed by one person only, but provide the possibility of interaction with others through the addition of comments.”

I think Blog has gone viral. It has captured my attention that so many people are getting famous just from blogging. Of course the blog has to have great quality in it, but with blogging something with your passion, you are able to reach more than what you think can. Even after getting famous, to advertise something to that particular blog will require quite a lot of money as well. On the other hand, to a company, blogging has two sides for them. Blogging is great but might also have a negative effect to them. Kaplan and Heinlein mentioned that blogging was used by Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystem to improve the transparency of his company. From this point, we can see that it is a good thing that Schwartz wanted his customers to see everything inside the company. However, with letting the employee to access the blog of the company, it gives them an access to them to write negative things about the company as well. Take an example from Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s former technical evangelist. He had the tendency to criticize the products of his employer (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010). With giving a free access to every employees in the company and without monitoring them, blogging could turn into a disaster to a company and might jeopardize their reputation as well.

“The main objective of content communities is the sharing of media content between users…. Content communities carry the risk of being used as platforms for the sharing of copyright protected materials. While major content communities have rules in place to ban and remove such illegal content, it is difficult to avoid popular videos”

Easiest example for this : Youtube. I have to say that Youtube and Facebook relates to each other strongly. Around couple days ago, I found a video about Shell through Facebook. I saw the video that Shell has taken down from the internet, but it was still available from Youtube. Another example, sex scandal. Some sex scandal’s video tape might still be available on Youtube with a specific keyword even though the video has been taken down from the Internet. Youtube is really wide. To control the whole content completely can be tricky and hard.

“Social networking sites are applications that enable users to connect by creating personal information profiles, inviting friends, and colleagues to have access to those profiles and sending emails and instant messages between each other.”

Social network has done so much for everyone, every company, every product, and every brand. Even for customer service, almost everything is with social network. Customer service through social network offers the consumer to be able to get contact with a low cost. Internet connection is enough. I will start with Facebook first. In Australia, I have been paying attention to events such as show, theater, concert, etc, they all own a Facebook page. Through the Facebook page, they are able to inform discounts, giveaways, and reviews easily. I actually can’t really imagine if there is no Facebook page to an event. It will be hard for them to communicate to their audience. I also think that Facebook allows that event to attract audience that does not interested in that show before, but with a constant post from them, it might finally make them want to watch it. Further, almost every product has their own Facebook page as well. Same thing with the events, with Facebook it is easy for consumers to get instant promotions, giveaways and news to their audience. However, Facebook might be a nightmare to a product too. As I have mentioned before, consumers would most likely to complaint through the Facebook page of the product. This can be resulted in a bad image to the product itself. If a new consumer see the bad comment, they might turn away from it. Social network has both good and bad side to a company or product. It is easy and convenient for them to communicate with the audience. It is all depends on how they work things out with the consumer and how they treat the consumer as well.

“Virtual worlds are probably the ultimate manifestation of Social Media, as they provide the highest level of social presence and media richness of all applications”

The game that might be really popular nowadays is World of Warcraft. I am not too sure what the game is about, but I am sure that game takes a lot of thing from people’s life aspect. Everyone that is already hooked up with the game will spend the whole day in front of the computer and do nothing else. I am also going to relate this case with the case of China protesting in the game. The full story here. In essence, the virtual game world allows the people of China to do a protest that they would not be able to do it in public space. Even, with protesting through virtual game world, they were most likely to get the world’s attention rather than just local.

The whole point of social media is to be able to be very active and be up to date everyday. Information that flows around social media moves really fast. A news might be the attention on Monday, but it won’t be anymore on Tuesday. And I must say too that I get a lot of news update mainly from Facebook and Twitter.

Kaplan and Heinlein (2010) mentions 5 points about using media :

  1. Choose carefully
  2. Pick the application or make your own
  3. Ensure activity alignment
  4. Media plan integration
  5. Access for all

The problem that our event encounter with social media is the unbalance between Facebook and the others (Twitter, Instagram, Vine). Our Facebook is the most active and get the most response ones. Our Instagram is still fine. There are still some activities going on the Instagram. But for Twitter, it has the weakest position. Through Facebook, I think we have created the awareness among the people there about our event because we have got a lot of response, contribution, and comments from there. Our event outcome will be on Wednesday, 11th September.

Lastly . . . .

“social media allow firms to engage in timely and direct end-consumer contact at relatively low cost and higher levels of efficiency than can be achieved with more traditional communication tools”

To some company, for example Jetstar, it is easier for the audience to reach them through social network. To do a price beat with Jetstar, to call them with Skype will get a much faster response than calling. Another example, online shopping. Every online shopping website will have their own Facebook page. If there is something wrong with the product or shipping matter, it is easier for the company to take care of the problem.

To sum up, social media offers a lot of benefits and advantages to its users. It can’t be denied that social media makes everything easy. But, to be able to successful with social media, as the user (personal or corporate), we have to be smart. Don’t let the bad comments be the cover of our Facebook page.